The item you saw TODAY and want to think about TONIGHT will be sold later TODAY to the person who saw it YESTERDAY and thought about it LAST NIGHT!

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The Vintage Eco Shop - Parry Sound

About us

The Vintage Eco Shop is a small-business sharing ideas of shopping, thrifting, sustainability, ecology, and good coffee.


Secondhand vs Thrift Store

What's the difference?
Secondhand Store

A secondhand store is one where the owner has sourced used furniture and other kinds of items, to sell as a business venture. 

Thrift Store

A thrift store is one where the items have been donated to charity, and where they are sold to provide funds for that charity. They include clothing, small ornaments, prams and baby items, bed linen and curtains, books and all kinds of things not always kept by secondhand stores.


36 James Street 
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 1T5


Email: the_vintageecoshop
Phone: +1 (705) 346-1226


Please send us your ideas, and suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.